Monday, 6 January 2014

Q. What's your favourite body part?
A. My legs. Not because they're long or in any way perfect (they're not!) but because they allow me to run, cycle, and have adventures. My legs are strong, they look good in jeans, and they carry me to the people I love.

Read more on this, and my article on the new, true confidence in latest issue of Top Sante magazine
...genuine confidence isn’t about being ‘perfect’. It grows from self-knowledge and self-belief, and an ability to cope with life’s ups and downs. We can’t control what happens - things go wrong for all of us at times - but confident women have the resilience to keep going. Confidence gives us a backbone, but flexibility: like a tree in the wind, it’s far stronger to be flexible and bend, than to be rigid and snap.
Most of all, the new confidence is about authenticity. There is something liberating about not hiding: what could be more successful than being who you really are?

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