Saturday 1 June 2013


  1. Hi Emma,

    You have a blog! The world is now your lobster, as someone always used to say.

    Love from Nige x

  2. YAY Nige, I have a blog :-) it's a bit crap though! now what... Em xx

  3. As the other commenter said, you can add stuff to your blog. I have a Blog List on mine, but you can edit the title to say anything.

    Here's a pic of my layout:-

    I made the above link clickable (i.e. a hyperlink) by using html tags. If you use Firefox, highlight a link by dragging the cursor over it, then right-click on the highlighted text & click "View Selection Source". That shows you the html tags for making hyperlinks.

    Html tags always start with a less-than character (I can't type it, as it'll get translated into html!) and end with a greater-than character. Use the b tag to make text bold. To deactivate a tag for text that follows, use the / character. E.G. Normal text, b bold text /b normal text. Hope that helps!

    Nige xx