Saturday 1 June 2013

I thought I'd try posting a list of recent links and articles here, so they're all in one place...

The Ministry of Thin: How The Pursuit of Perfection Got Out of Control
Radio 4, Four Thought talk on Anorexia, 2013
Channel 4 Supersize vs Superskinny - watch Series 6 here

Channel 5 Body Image discussion
How did we all get so crazy about food?
Virginia Woolf and Anorexia, Mail on Sunday
Author info/interviews


  1. Emma

    When you set up the blog, you should be able to have all your links to side as part of the template. That means they will stay there and not slip down.

    You can also have your blog role, any other things of interest etc.

    Go into "Layout" and start fiddling with you gadgets. For instance, I have my YouTube channel as top gadget, then other websites, then blog role, etc. You could have your books and you can put them in so they look less clumsy.

    Do you know how to do a hyperlink?


    1. Oh Charlotte, this is SO useful, thank you! I still can't really make it work, will have to try again... I don't suppose you're in London and persuadable with a coffee to help me (with blog basics) any time?!? I'd love to get my books showing properly, as you suggest, and get it sorted.
      Actually, sorry to ask (that is cheeky of me & you're busy) thanks for allowing me into your FEAST Facebook group.
      I'm going to have a look at your BlogSpot now>
      Lots of love Emma xx


    have a look see and then you can fiddle around with your own and delete this comment!