Saturday, 24 January 2015

Asked what the happiest moment in her whole life was, Virginia Woolf responded 'with a shining face…. I think it’s the moment when one is walking in one’s garden, perhaps picking off a few dead flowers, and suddenly one thinks,‘My husband lives in that house, and he loves me.'


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  2. Hi Emma,
    I also could not find an email address, but I have a question about anorexia. I am an emetophobe, meaning I have a severe fear of vomit and vomiting. I have noticed that many of the "superskinny" participants on Supersize Vs. Superskinny say that they feel sick as soon as they eat, and I have been wondering if these poor eating habits, or even eating disorders, may come from a fear of being sick. My behavior at one point became dangerously similar to those of an anorexic due to my crippling fear of throwing up. Is there anything you know about a correlation?
    Thank you!

  3. Dear Emma! I'm Polish. I'm sorry, but my English isn't good. I write, because thank you. I read your books "Perfect- in the trap of anorexia" and it's amazing. I'm glad that you are 'healthy'. You showed me what is anorexia. I am not anorexic, but I interest in this. I have hope that yoh are happy. I have question: Have you child?
    Thanks again!

  4. Hi Emma,
    Actually I recovery with bulimia nervosa for a year. But few days ago, I started to go psycholog. I write diary every night -even in day sometimes- but I cant stop it. It is like my best friend, my big secret and like you said my lifestyle! I am just 16 and I miss my peaceful meals. I am reading your book An Apple A Day now and your recovery struggle is really amazing. I wish I determined like you. I am gonna waiting for your answer.
    Thanks for everything!

  5. Thanks for your lovely emails, all of you! It's so nice to hear from readers, and I wish you the very best of love and luck in your recovery. It really is possible, there's a whole new life waiting for you.
    Also, don't miss my new book
    Emma xx

  6. I love this quote from Virginia Woolf, thank you for sharing it! It's always the simple things in life...

  7. yes, isn't Virginia wonderful! xx