Monday, 27 January 2014

In my new book I’m writing a chapter on body language: how we feel and talk about our bodies. Here’s my question: What is your favourite body part? If you don’t have a single part – what do you love most about your body?

You may remember the Top Sante piece I mentioned recently - it can be hard, to find something to celebrate and admire in our own bodies!

I don't really approve of dividing our bodies into 'parts' - we should focus on the whole, and not fixate on flaws...  but in the end, I chose my legs: ‘Not because they’re long or in any way perfect, but because they allow me to run and cycle and have adventures. My legs are strong, they look good in jeans, and they carry me to the people I love.’
If you’re happy to include first name and age, that’s great - or choose a pseudonym. It’s anonymous because I won’t use any surnames obviously.

Please keep it short! And email to me:

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