Friday, 17 October 2014

Mysticism for Beginners (Adam Zagajewski)
The day was mild, the light was generous.
The German on the café terrace
held a small book on his lap.
I caught sight of the title:
Mysticism for Beginners.
Suddenly I understood that the swallows
patrolling the streets of Montepulciano
with their shrill whistles,
and the hushed talk of timid travellers
from Eastern, so-called Central Europe,
and the white herons standing -yesterday? the day before? -
like nuns in fields of rice,
and the dusk, slow and systematic,
erasing the outlines of medieval houses,
and olive trees on little hills,
abandoned to the wind and heat,
and the head of the Unknown Princess
that I saw and admired in the Louvre,
and stained-glass windows like butterfly wings
sprinkled with pollen,
and the little nightingale practicing
its speech beside the highway,
and any journey, any kind of trip,
are only mysticism for beginners,
the elementary course, prelude
to a test that’s been 

Monday, 13 October 2014

more John Osborne inspiration...

“How I long for a little ordinary human enthusiasm. Just enthusiasm - that's all. I want to hear a warm, thrilling voice cry out hallelujah! Hallelujah! I'm alive! I've an idea. Why don't we have a little game? Let's pretend that we're human beings, and that we're actually alive. Just for a while. What do you say? Let's pretend we're human.”
Look Back in Anger 
getting inspired by John Osborne this weekend...

“It’s no good trying to fool yourself about love. You can’t fall into it like a soft job, without dirtying your hands. It takes muscle and guts. And if you can’t bear the thought of messing up your nice, clean soul, you’d better give up the whole idea of life and become a saint because you’ll never make it as a human being. It’s either this world or the next.”

Look Back in Anger 

Monday, 6 October 2014

"There isn't going to be any turning point. ... There isn't going to be any next-month-it'll-be-better, next fucking year, next fucking life. You don't have any time to wait for. You just got to look around you and say, "So this is it. This is really all there is to it. This little thing." Everybody needing such little things and they can't get them. Everybody needing just a little confidence from somebody else and they can't get it. Everybody, everybody fighting to protect their little feelings. Everybody, you know, like reaching out tentatively but drawing back. It's so shallow and seems so ... fucking ... it seems like such a shame. It's so close to being like really right and good and open and amorphous and giving and everything. But it's not. And it ain't gonna be."

September 1969, Janis Joplin

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Monday, 11 August 2014

Radio 4 Saturday Review: August 9th 2014 
listen here

On Saturday Review this weekend we discussed...
  • film 'Wakolda' (creepy)
  • book 'My Prefect Cousin (funny)
  • play 'My Night with Reg' (fantastic)
  • radio series 'Home Front' (rubbish)
  • exhibition 'The Art & Science of Exploration 1768-80' (brilliant).